Friday Fun #8 Make Your Own Game Soundtrack

The majority of posts over the last week have focussed on the process of sound design for games and interactive media.

So I thought that in this Friday Fun post, I’d provide a roundup of several online audio sequencers so that you can have a go at creating your own soundtrack.

First up is the online MIDI sequencer, which allows you create and save your own simple MIDI sequences:

The same site also has a MIDI editor that allows you to change the temp and pitch of an uploaded MIDI track. IF you only have a few minutes spare, why not download some game soundtracks as MIDI files from Game Music Themes then upload them to the online MIDI editor and see how much you can change it with a quick edit? ;-)

The Online Step Sequencer is a Flash application that allows you to create your own drum sequences, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to save either the audio or a MIDI file of the result.

(The BBC Radio 1 Virtual Studio provides an online sequencer and mixing desk if your browser has a Shockwave plugin installed – which unfortunately rules this online application out for Intel Mac users.)

One of the most comprehensive online audio sequencers I’ve found for manipulating sound files (rather than MIDI files) comes from Splice:

If you’ve never used an audio sequencer, Splice may appear quite intimidating at first, so it’s well worth looking through the FAQ, and watching the intro movie:

The principles behind using Splice are exactly the same as for many pro-amateur and pro audio seqeuncing tools, so if you think you’d like to get into audio sequencing, it’s well worth spending a bit of time familiarising yourself with the basics (?!) using a tool like Splice before moving on to more powerful tools.

(If you’re a Mac user, you may well have Garageband on your computer. Splice works in a similar way, so anything you learn to do on Splice should be transferable to something like Garageband – and vice versa…)

Of course, if all you’re after is a game, why not visit Retro Sabotage, which offers some novel twists on several classic arcade games… if any particularly catch your eye, post a comment back here with a link to the game, and a paragraph or too about how the game compares with the original, and offers a new spin on it…


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