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Friday Fun #7 Try Your Hand at Animation

Picking up on a post from earlier this week, (Breathing Life into Animated Objects), why not have a go at creating some simple animations of your own.

I came across Pencil the other day, a desktop application that works on Macs, Windows and Linux, that provides an excellent environment for creating your own line drawing animations. (Just reading through the user manual is also quite instructive in terms of finding out what sorts of support computer applications offer an animator today!)

Here’s a rather blurry tutorial of how to do a ‘traditional’ bouncing ball animation in pencil (the lines are faint at times – try watching the video in full screen view…): the bouncing ball tutorial (pencil).

If you fancy something a little more, err, casual, then why not try the online AniBoom shapeshifter application (bouncing ball tutorial).

Whilst not quite animation in the traditional sense, SketchCast offers another interesting way of telling stories through drawing…

If you’d rather just play a game, it being Friday and all, then why not try Grid16? There are no instructions given (apart from the hint that you need to use the arrow keys!). The game is made up from 16 minigames, each of which tests a particular style of game mechanic. See if you can work out what the aim of each minigame is, and then see if you can improve your score!

And if game playing is even too much for you, just sit back and watch this: Animator vs. Animation ;-)