Searching for Games and Interactive Media Content on the Web

The web is big, very big…

…but whilst Google indexes a large part of it, it only manages to search over a tiny fraction of all the content that’s available on the internet. (If you want to know why, then check out the Open University short course TU120 Beyond Google: working with information online;-)

Even so, what Google – and other search engines of its ilk – do search over can be bewildering at times. Unfortunately, a lot of the pages that get returned as hits can be quite poor quality at times (in the sense that the pages are not very informative, may be badly written, ad filled, or contain content that is just plain wrong!).

So to try and help matters, I’ve created a custom search engine that searches over a tiny corner of the web that only includes the Digital Worlds uncourse blog and hopefully relevant parts of the websites that are linked to from here.

Searching on the Digital Worlds custom search engine (the DW CSE?!;-) will only return results from parts of websites that have been linked to from one or more posts on Digital Worlds.

In addition, you can choose to refine a search further so that it only searches over the the Digital Worlds uncourse blog itself (essentially providing an alternative to the search engine contained on the blog itself) or the actual pages that have been linked to from the blog.

You can find the Digital Worlds uncourse custom search engine at

At the moment, advertisements are enabled on the blog (as an experiment to see what sorts of ad appear, as much as anything!) – if you find them intrusive, or irrelevant, please pop a comment here and I’ll disable them.


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