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Digital Worlds – The Blogged Uncourse

Originally published as Digital Worlds – Interactive Media and Game Design, a free learning resource on computer game design, development and culture, authored as part of an experimental approach to the production of online distance learning materials, many of the resources presented in the first incarnation of this blog also found their way into a for credit, formal education course from the UK’s Open University.

The blog was rebooted at the start of summer 2016 to act as a repository for short pieces relating to mixed and augmented reality, and related areas of media/reality distortion, as preparation for a unit on the subject in a forthcoming first level Open University course. Since then, it has morphed into a space where I can collect stories and examples of how representations of the physical world can be digitally captured, and audio, images and video media can in turn be manipulated in order to produce distorted re-presentations of the world that are perhaps indistinguishable from it…